My garden partner Stephanie Jacob and I have developed school gardens over the last several years at Pleasant Hill Middle School, College Park High School, Diablo community Day School and the Bridge Program.

Our intention was to gather the community around the school together, augmented with some grant monies, and make a garden at the school for the children to be able to use for learning how stuff grows in dirt. We realized a lot of kids never got their hands in dirt and actually considered such to be amazingly icky to do. We wanted to have kids taste fresh grown produce, that better yet, they grew themselves. We wanted kids to know the feeling of joy, power and satisfaction that comes with a harvest.

Having quickly taken off on a very cool path of its own, our first garden at Pleasant Hill Middle helped us realize that this was way to easy a process to get the garden in and growing to not have one in every school. Our major stumbling block was getting the garden to grow from a pet project of ours to an integral piece of the teachers’ curriculum.
After several years we have accomplished this deed and have many of the teachers totally hooked on our weekly visits with the students to their gardens.

We supply tried and true garden know how along with tips and information on getting your own garden started at your school and getting those kids growing some food of their own.


Lesley Stiles


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