Working in food for 45 years has been very interesting as trends change, tastes change, teachers change. I still continue to always learn, but am spending a lot of time teaching kids about food. Growing it, eating it, why different things happen to your body when you eat different foods. I write a produce column in our local paper and work with farmers' markets doing cooking demonstrations. I also work at schools in the area starting gardens and taking the projects through the process of sustainability so that when my friend, Stephanie, and I have completed the garden building process with the students and teachers, the garden continues on through the years and stays in the cirriculum benefitting all that pass through. I also run a thriving catering business using only local foods, making everything by hand stressing the importance of not only awesome, mindboggling taste but the responsibility we all have to not hurt others with our choices but create work, money, wealth and health through our choices. Yummy food come out of this good vibe process. Very yummy!

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Lesley Stiles
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